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Photo: Gabriel Baharia

Eran has a natural talent for leading ensembles and managing musical projects for various purposes. He specializes in combining different styles of music into colourful, sweeping and exciting performances.

Eran Horwitz - Pashtut

Official videoclip

Eran Horwitz - SABA

Official videoclip


Eran Horwitz - Bassush

Official videoclip

With Yael Horwitz & Yehuda Shveiky

By Eran Howitz

With "Joseph & One", Piyut Festival

With Ilana Eliya

Krakow Jewish Music Festival

Latido" album by Yael Horwitz, produced by Eran"

Eran Horwitz & Adriano Lozano


Eran Horwitz & Adriano Lozano


"Kedma" project, artistic director

Dance: Sigal Ziv

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