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Photo: Gabriel Baharia

Born in Jerusalem, Eran made his musical path by travelling around the world.


He started in his hometown, where already as a young boy explored the local Mediterranean music and cooporated with renown artists and was one of the founders of "Joseph & one".


Later he traveled the world as the musical director of Galili Dance Company, where modern danced met live powerful original Oriental music, arranged by Eran.


While travelling in Europe Eran met Carles Benavent, the legendary Bass player, who pushed him to go to Spain when he saw Eran's passion for Flamenco music. For the next few years Eran lived in southern Spain and performed with big Flamenco artists, becoming one of the few Flamenco Bass players in the world.


Today Eran specialises in combining his musical experties as a Bass player and musical producer, mixing the Mediterranean with the Flamenco into powerful, colorful original musical productions - whether in festivals and venues around the world or special ordered occasions.


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